In 2016, a support holding the mirror on the wall weakened causing it to fall on the ground which has lead to severe mechanical damages to the lower part of the frame. In the agreement with the owner it has been decided that at this time, only the reconstruction of the lower part will be carried out. Reconstruction was done by Ana Vrdoljak, Conservator NKF-N (company: Art Conservation) in collaboration with Joanna Henck, Sculpturkonservator NKF-N.

Condition of the mirror frame before conservation

The majority of the damages was located on the bottom ornament of the frame. It was completely crushed, armature was bent and out of its position, parts of the plaster were lost.
Other damages:
• top and side ornaments are cracked but are still stable,
• a layer of dirt covering the ornaments,
• residues of paint on the sides of the ornaments,
• original gilding covering the flower ornaments have been worn out and damaged trough time,
• board on the back holding the hanging construction is broken and bent.


Reconstruction of the lower ornamental part

Wire armature was reshaped to fit as close as possible to its original position. Unstable parts of the original were glued to the armature. Missing parts were reconstructed with Alabaster plaster, sanded and shaped to fit the original design. Retouch was done using Lascaux Artist and Golden Artist Colours acrylic paint.